Water Department

Water Department


Spencer Proffitt

Water Department | Email

104 East Second Street
Ellinwood, KS  67526

Ph: (620) 564-3161
Fx: (620) 564-4139


Monday – Friday
7:00 am – 3:300 pm

The Ellinwood Water Department has 3 full time staff, a superintendent and 2 water operators.  Spencer Proffitt is the Superintendent for the Water Department.  This department is responsible for ensuring the safety and maintaining the city’s water distribution system.  The main water source for the city is supplied by six water wells.

The primary responsibilities of this department include maintenance, installation and repair of the water distribution system, as well as maintenance of the city’s wells and swimming pool.

About Our Water

The City of Ellinwood Water Department is in charge of developing and protecting the City’s water resources.  The City has two water towers, one with a 50,000 gallon capacity and the other with a 300,000 gallon capacity.  The City’s water system consists of 6 water wells.  The water wells are tested on an annual basis.  The public water supply is tested on a monthly basis.  Two random water samples are taken from any given point in the water system, and the samples are sent to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to test for coliform bacteria. For more data on the quality of Ellinwood water you can read the annual water quality report.  The report is mailed to all Ellinwood residents during the spring of each year.The City periodically flushes water hydrants and this may cause black particles to be present in your water.  If this happens, please let your water run until the black particles disappear.  This problem may also occur during a water main break or if there is water line work being done in your area.


Your bill combines water, sewer, and sanitation (trash, compost, and recycling) on one bill. This reduces operating expenses and helps keep rates lower.

Residential Water Rates

There is a monthly service charge of $12.00 which includes the first 1000 gallons.  All usage over the first 1000 gallons is calculated at $2.50 per 1000 gallons. There is a $25.00 water service connection fee.

New water service for a 3/4 inch meter is $300.00 plus tax.  Most residential locations usually have 3/4 inch meter.

Commercial / Industrial Water Rates

The water fee is based upon the amount of water usage times a flat fee of $0.17 cents.  There is a monthly service charge of $6.00.  There is a $25.00 water service connection fee.

New water service for a 1 inch meter is $400.00 plus tax, and for new water service larger than one inch, the fee is based upon time and materials.  Commercial locations tend to have one inch or larger water meters.

Sewer Rates

There is a monthly service charge of $3.75 plus $2.80 per 1000 gallons.  This is based on water use during December, January, and February.  All unmetered services will pay a flat rate.

A new service connection fee is $300.00.