Lakin Comanche Cemetery

Lakin Comanche Cemetery


James McCormick, Sexton

Phone: (620) 564-3158, or if no answer call the City Office at (620) 564-3161.

The Lakin Comanche Cemetery is jointly owned by the Township of Lakin and the Township of Comanche and the City of Ellinwood, Kansas.  It is governed and operated by a Board of Trustees, composed of the Township trustees of the Lakin and Comanche Townships and the Mayor of the City of Ellinwood.

The Cemetery Board employs a sexton to care and look after the cemetery.  The sexton reports to the Cemetery Board.  The sexton’s responsibilities include general care of the cemetery and responsibility for the enforcement of the rules and regulations.

Lakin Comanche Cemetery Board also oversees and maintains the St. Peter and Paul Cemetery, 5 miles north of Ellinwood on NE 110 Avenue.

For further information in regard to the cemetery, please contact the Sexton, James McCormick at (620) 564-3158, or if no answer call the City Office at (620) 564-3161.

Flower Regulations

Planting of flowers, bushes, etc is prohibited at the cemetery.  Flower arrangements left on burial sites on Memorial Day must be removed one week after the holiday.  Flower arrangements left on burial sites for different occasions other than a holiday will be removed by the sexton after a reasonable amount of time.

Burial Costs

A typical cemetery lot contains 4 spaces.  A minimum of 2 spaces must be purchased.  The cost of 2 spaces is $300 or $600 for an entire lot (4 spaces).  The opening and closing cost for a burial is $200 and $75 for cremation.  There is a $5.00 fee for a monument setting.

Burial Arrangements

To make burial arrangements, please call the Cemetery Sexton, James McCormick at (620) 564-3158.