Police Department

Police Department


Chance Bailey

Chief of Police | Email

209 West 1st St
Ellinwood, KS 67526

Ph: (620) 564-3001
Administrative Calls Only
Fx: (620) 564-3145
Emergency: 9-1-1

Non-Emergent: 620-793-1920


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Side view of the Ellinwood Police Truck parked in front of the Ellinwood City Building

Police officers standing beside a City of Ellinwood Police car. 2 officers are at the front of the vehicle and 3 officers are standing near the rear of the vehicle.

The Ellinwood Police Department is a small yet professional group of officers dedicated to providing the best possible services to the community.  We are committed along with our residents in making our city a safe and great place to live and work.

The Ellinwood Police Department consists of 5 full-time law enforcement officers and 3 part-time patrol officers.

Full-time Officers include:

  • Chance Bailey – Chief of Police
  • Alan Kyle Reed – Sergeant
  • Joseph Johns – Patrol Officer
  • Derrick Brown – Patrol Officer
  • Craig Ramsey – Patrol Officer

Part-time Officers include:

  • Mary Kendrick – D.A.R.E Officer
  • Taylor Reed – Patrol Officer
  • Heather McLemore – Patrol Officer
  • Ryan Taylor – Patrol Officer

Animal Control

Public City Code

Community Programs


Children’s Fingerprinting Program

The Ellinwood Police Department conducts annual visits to the Ellinwood elementary schools and offers fingerprinting and photographs of each fourth-grade student. This information is placed in a booklet for the parents to keep updated and in a safe place. We encourage all parents to allow their children to be included in this program.

We hope that these booklets will not be needed, but in the event, a child is missing, they will provide all necessary information for law enforcement to quickly attempt to locate your child. This is a voluntary program and is done only with parent or guardian approval.

Note: No information from these booklets is kept by the Police Department. They are sent home with the children.

Other Fingerprinting Services

The Ellinwood Police Department also offers fingerprinting services to local businesses and the school district.  Please contact the Police Department at (620) 564-3001 for further information on this program.

House Watch

The Ellinwood Police Department’s House Watch Program is designed to provide peace of mind to our residents while they are away from home for extended periods of time, whether for vacation, illness, work-related travel, or other circumstances. The Police Department will make periodic checks on your residence while it is vacant. Information you provide allows us to contact you or your designated key holder in the event that the residence may need attention.

The House Watch Program provides an overall increase in police presence around your home during your time away. Due to manpower issues and unforeseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee the safety of your home or personal property, but the City of Ellinwood Police Department will try to schedule extra patrols around your home during your time away.

This program is a public service to help safeguard citizens’ property and allow for a rapid response and owner notification in the event of a problem.

Bicycle Safety

A Bicycle Safety Program is offered through the Police Department.  Children will go through an inspection to ensure their bicycles are safe to ride and the children will also participate in a riding course.

The program is free to all children who attend.  Free bicycle helmets are available to all children who participate in the program.